Metis is an employee-owned company that evolved from a desire to provide project-oriented and budget-conscious services. Despite our substantial growth as a company, we continue to maintain intimate associations with both client and contractor to provide practical and constructible anchor bolt solutions to both simple and complex situations.

China presents many unique and challenging environments in which to design and construct. Metis is continuously expanding its services and developing its staff in order to stay abreast with new technologies and materials within the engineering and construction industries. We try to incorporate both time-tested methods and cutting edge technologies to accomplish project goals in the most efficient means possible. Please consider allowing us to contribute our extensive experience in the world to your next project! 

Metis provides expert engineering services throughout the world. The services are provided to civil/design engineering firms, general contractors, and local, state, tribal, and federal agencies. The Metis core staff is comprised of accomplished engineers, geologists, and technicians with over 10 years of combined experience.Metis employees are required to build on their knowledge and skills through a combination of research, training, field work, and continuing education. The current staff works together with client, contractor, city, state, tribal, and federal representatives to establish and refine project objectives and achieve them on schedule and within specified budget.