As an efficient anchoring method,self drilling ground anchors  are being used increasingly for micropile  applications. Through the increased bond stress resultant from the simultaneous drilling and grouting operation, Hollow Bars are the reinforcement bar choice in collapsing soil conditions.Using sizes from 32 mm to 76 mm, these Hollow Bars offer up to 428 kips of strength, up to 3.72 in2 of cross sectional reinforcement area, and their section modulus provides considerable bending resistance. A variety of drill bits promise efficient installation and Metis offers a full line of adaptation equipment and rental grout plants necessary for Hollow Bar anchor installation

self drilling hollow bar is mainly used for slope stabilization, foundation with micropiles and tunneling, it’s also widely used in the railway system, metro project, etc. It can be installed in sites with weak rocks, loose soil, weathered layer, sand with stone layer and so difficult to create a hole in complex formation. The unconsolidated ground condition favor the self drilling hollow bar technique for fast and simple method of installed compared to the traditional method. In modern tunnelling, especially in subsidence-sensitive or urban areas, the usage of self-drilling pipe umbrella support is a widely and successfully adapted spacious pre-support system.

Self drilling hollow bar is one of supporting methods for projects and it is widely accepted in the world at the present stage.